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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  January 28, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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an investigation is under way into whether carbon monoxide led to the death of two family members on the net.wgn's judy wang has our top story from west rogers park. chicago police are awaiting autopsy results to confirm whether it was carbon monoxide poisoning. two women died. all of them members of the same family. relatives say firefighters checked things out and they had detectors in the building. firefighters went to
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the apartment building. one of the women who died was his mother. >> we are going through very tough and rough time right now. she was an honor student. she was an amazing friends. we had our ups and downs. she was pronounced dead about an hour later. the 18 year-old passed away their last night. firefighters found no indication of a carbon monoxide leak in the building. they returned five hours later after a 74 year-old woman found on responsive. they
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got a positive reading near a boiler in the basement. detectors did not go off and firefighters checked them. they appear to be working. >> almost 20 years. in a long time. the children range in age from 5-12. family members say they will likely be released this afternoon. the family says the kids will likely stay somewhere else tonight because they want to get his building checked out again. chicago police are questioning a possible suspect for driving into two people. william brunson and victoria
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means were both killed when they were hit by a car. they were changing a tire near 87-th and springfield, when a car swerved into them saturday night. police took someone into custody after the crash, but no charges have been filed. demonstrators were allegedly rough up and arrested. while calling for the return of emergency services. it has not been 24 hours instancesince this incident took place. >> video shot during sunday's protest shows the act is being taken down hard rather than
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actually allowing fox an opportunity, one of my students was actually on the ground. i was worried she was going to get trampled. >> about 50 people tried to stage a sit-in in the lobby. they're trying to call attention to the fact of the south side of chicago has no trauma care centers that can treat adults or shot or stabbed. the graduates was also arrested. >> another our example of their privileges and lack of concern. their elitism is something that we as alumni are organizing to challenge. >> by monday afternoon more than 650 people signed an on- line petition.
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>> the push to get the university of chicago to reopen started after an 18 year-old activist was shot back in 2010 about three blocks from the university of chicago >> his mother was among the protesters. we need you get us to come together. is not going to go we stand for justice and peace. i'm not going to go anywhere. >> the university of chicago closed the trauma center and in the '80s. university officials have said opening a new one would be too expensive to operate. it bothers me that
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there is no trauma unit in this part of town. in addition to which the university is patting itself on the back. >> the university of chicago released a short statement a little while ago. the university of chicago takes this incident very seriously. officials are working to better understand and address what took place. as for the four that were arrested, they include a 17 year-old college high-school student. all four have been charged with criminal trespass. they will be in court on february 26th.
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one of the candidates for jesse jackson junior's old seat in congress is standing out, when it comes to banning assault weapons. debbie halvorson says she does not support a ban on semi- automatic firearms. she says the government needs to go after lawbreakers and enforce laws we already have on the books. halvorson is the only one of the 17 democratic candidates who has taken this position. a special primary for the second congressional district seat is february 26-th. a sheriff in milwaukee is giving out some controversial advice to residents in an emergency simply calling 911 and leading is no longer your best option. are you prepared? consider taking is certified safety course so you can defend yourself until we get there. in his new radio ad, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke asks residents if he can count on them to protect themselves.
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milwaukee mayor tom barrett criticized the ad and called it fear-mongering. but the sheriff's spokesperson says the ad's message is to consider taking a class and it does not encourage buying a gun. president obama will meet with several police chiefs today. including the top cop at newtown, connecticut. the issue: new gun policies. the president is looking for support for measures to curb gun violence including an assault weapons ban and a ten round limit on ammunition. 26 people mostly children were killed in newtown at sandy hook elementary. other police chiefs include oak creek, wisconsin and aurora, colorado where mass shootings occurred. a senate committee will consider policies on wednesday. the national rifle association has vowed to block them. employers may soon have a bigger pool of legal workers to hire from bipartisan group of senators reach deal on immigration reform, deal would award green cards to immigrants w/ advance degrees in some technical problems with the web site. the mayor has named five people to a committee that will narrow the group of
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applicants. the committee members include a community activist, a church pastor, a long time 7 toward resident. employers may soon have a bigger pool of legal workers to hire from bipartisan group of senators reach deal on immigration reform, deal would award green cards to immigrants w/ advance degrees in math/science/engineering also allow more low-skill workers into country and allow employers to hire illegal immigrants president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton sat together during an interview on "60 minutes." both had glowing things to say about each other, which led to questions about whether the president was endorsing clinton for the next election.
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meanwhile former republican vice-presidential nominee, paul ryan, also is not ruling out a future run for the white house. i was literally a inaugurated four days ago. i am forbidden from even hearing these questions. obviously the president and i care deeply about what is going to happen for our country in the future. either he or i can make predictions about what is going to happen tomorrow i think it is just premature. foxyou'll take a serious look at it. right now i'm just focused on this. he also discussed the
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nation's economy. he accused obama of not understanding the seriousness of the economic standing coming up next. deadly riots in egypt promt government officals to introduce emergency measures. there are new developments in the case of beauty queen jon benet ramsey more than 13 years after her mysterious death. there are new developments in the case of beauty queen jon benet ramsey more than 13 years after her mysterious death. and, new trouble for casey anthony. we'll tell you why she's back in court. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections tuberculosis lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred.
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arrests have now been made in connection with this weekend's deadly nightclub fire in brazil that killed more than two hundred people. in custody: the club owner and two members of the band performing when fire erupted and swept through the "kiss" nightclub in santa maria. investigators say it was started by pyro-technics used by the band. nearly two-thousand people were in the club at the time double its maximum capacity. when i was trying to get out i yield fire. the security guards were not realizing what was going on. i think many of them thought they were just riots. or the people were trying to get out without paying. more than 230-people died, most from smoke inhalation. though some were trampled to death in the panic to escape.
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at least 115 are injured. eight bodies have been found in a well near where members of a mexican band went missing. 20 people disappeared friday morning following a concert by the group "kombo kolumbia," including 16 musicians and crew members. it has yet to be confirmed if the bodies were those of the band or crew. residents near the area reported hearing gun shots at four a-m on friday. the egyptian government is now imposing a 30-day curfew. following a series of deadly riots in three cities. the violence began friday, during demonstrations on the two-year anniversary of the egyptian revolution. rioting escalated saturday when 21-people received death sentences for their actions at a soccer match that killed dozens last year. during this weekend's unrest. nearly 40-people were killed. prompting president mohamed morsy to declare a limited state of emergency. casey anthony filed for bankruptcy just days after an appeals court overturned two of her four convictions for lying to police.
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a petition filed in bankruptcy court states that anthony owes about eight-hundred-thousand dollars. she only has about two-thousand dollars to her name. most of her debt is legal fees. in july of 20-11, a jury found anthony not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter, caylee, but convicted her of four counts of lying to law enforcement. anthony still faces three civil lawsuits. new details have been released in the still unsolved murder of jon benet ramsey. she was the six-year-old beauty queen who was killed in 19-96. jon benet was found bludgeoned and strangled in her home in colorado. according to a new report, a grand jury voted to indict ramsey's parents on charges of child abuse resulting in death back in 19-99. but the district attorney refused to sign it. the former district attorney says his office didn't have
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enough evidence to file charges, and ended the investigation. ramsey's parents were cleared of any involvement in 2008. a man in great britain wanted to give his daughter the wedding of her dreams and took an extra job to pay for the event. but police say he won't be at her wedding. he'll be serving his sentence for growing marijuana in his garage. police say the man's crop was worth 25-thousand dollars. he's also accused of illegally tapping into the city's electrical grid. stealing nearly 8-thousand dollars worth of electricity to grow the plants. just ahead a warning for parentswhat parents need to know about twitter's new video sharing platform. and, still to come this midday: there's a new company wearing the top auto sales crown we have the details in today's bloomberg report. and later in lunchbreak: healthy indian cuisine you can make at home. we'
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they have a buyer for twinkies. apollo global is the preferred bidder. 9.7 5 million vehicles last year. easily topping general motors. this is a big news for the company. the investigation into what is wrong with boeing's dreamliner is now shifting to the maker of the battery. investigators have not found anything wrong with the batteries or their chargers. all 50 787's remain grounded. as far as markets today stocks are trading mixed. the careful of
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her dance studio has been a mainstay in chicago's old irving park neighborhood for over 60 years. and at 78 years old, ms. geri, as she's called, plans to keep her dance party going for years to come. wgn's micah materre introduces us to one of chicago's very own. to call this dance teacher a
12:25 pm
character is an understatement and nearly everybody it old irving park, she shows no sign of stopping. age is just a number to me. i love birthdays. i celebrate for a month st. all january. i just wanted to be a dancer so bad. i took piano for a year and at the end of the year my mom said i think you should this fistful of cliffordchance because he played terribly. dance because you played terribly. >> i even teach hip-hop. i'm really good at that. >> she treats everybody like family. actually they are family. she has taught generation after generation of
12:26 pm
girls and boys. >> either you took dance lessons or you know somebody that did. >> i danced with her when i was 7. i never left. when my daughter was born she started dancing. >> her daughter is now 14. >> i love her so much. it is really comforting to be here. the love she has four dancers is genuine. for her dancers is genuine. >> her kindness goes a long way. she is giving away lessons for free to those less fortunate. she has taught blind students. she has taught deaf students. her roughest time was last year >>2 that is when her beloved
12:27 pm
husband died of leukemia. it is tough for her to talk about it with us. he was the love of her life. >> he was just perfect. everybody loved him. he had a big heart. for years she would do the 12 days of christmas. even his death has not stopped her from dancing. >> my kids always tell me a half slow down. i feel like if i slow down i'm giving up. >> i'd probably want to die here. >> as one of chicago is very home. she is one of chicago's very
12:28 pm
own. she says it is her way to get back to the community that has been so good to her for all of these years. still to come this midday. tom skilling has your full forecast! still to come this midday. tom skilling has your full forecast! i was in the ambulance and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control talk to your doctor.
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what a warm-up. it is really rare to get sixties in january. it has happened before but it is not an everyday occurrence. and there's quite an interesting little twist in the forecastle to be resolved. as a transition back to winter weather. many of
12:31 pm
us all those things hanging up. we'll come back and look at them later. this is a beautiful shot. ice coating everything. on the sure kind of barriers would be on the trees this time of year. another shot of last night's ice storm. this is the next one right there. finally. this one is amazing. i put this up on facebook. that is the white
12:32 pm
house over there. what a shot that was. it is mild out there. temperatures have risen overnight so the ice is gone. we are under this deck. little holes in places. we may get a peek at the sun during the course of the day. we'll keep our eyes open. here is the ice storm exiting the area. you'll see the absence of radar returns right now until you go farther west. this is where the next door mrs. we will see this whole area start lighting up. we need the moisture. we are in the middle of a drought. 87 hundredths of an inch. the totals theree. over half an inch.
12:33 pm
46 at this hour couric lots of clauses you conceive. that is the skyline that will reveal itself as some of the clouds lift during the course of the morning. here is our next warm up here to the west. not really exciting looking. this may be a severe weather producer. 14 degrees warmer. what this storm is doing is turning green suddenly and the whole midwest is warming up toward springlike levels. that will be this scenario here too. we'll get into this warm section. oklahoma
12:34 pm
city and 72. that is like a temperature change of 120 degrees. the storm will develop and run of the boundary between the two varied. flood watches are up for indiana and michigan. winter storm watches in the upper midwest. a whole host of winter weather advisers. it is 45 at ohare. lansing is at 50 degrees. wings west had a m.p.h.. the january 1st in four
12:35 pm
years is on the way as we get into the warm sector tomorrow. that is a truly rare event. there have only been 34 days. ifthis i really rare media logical turn toward meteorologica and youre logicala little closer look at some of the rain totals forecast by our models. these will come as scattered showers and storms tonight. watch how this unfolds. what is interesting is some
12:36 pm
models are developing some rain. look at this line coming together out west. there is approaching this. the terms into a line and comes to appear tomorrow night. the area very close to us. a powerful jet stream runs from south to north into our area. these thunderstorms will hook up into those strong winds. remember the blizzard of 67. there were funnel clouds in the area. some really wild weather swings. high temperature of 48. winds begin to turn in easterly. cloudy turning windy. rising
12:37 pm
temperatures late tonight. tomorrow windy record warmth. possible severe weather. high temperature 59-65. colder on wednesday. there will be dry hours in between. >>happy monday. time for today's trivia. on this day in 1956, elvis presley made his television debut on "tommy and jimmy dorsey's stage show". what song did he sing? a. shake rattle and roll
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and headache relief.
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>>good afternoon. >>winning pick3
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0,0,0 it could add up to lots winning pick4 4,9,53
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mega millions 12 million dollars. have a wonderful afternoon. time for sports. the blackhawks have played 12- and- a- half- percent of the shortened n-h-l season, and they've already made history. the hawks hosting detroit in the second game of a back- to back. it's scoreless early in the first with the hawks on a power play.nbrent seabrook to duncan keith for his first goal of the season. detroit would tie it though, and in overtime.nviktor stalberg finds nick leddy who shoots under the glove of jimmy howard. the hawks win 2-1 and start the
12:43 pm
season six- and- oh for the first time in team history. they killed all six red wings' power plays, and corey crawford made 29 saves. we have to make sure we keep this going. everybody is playing well. our guys are blocking shots. four bears played in the pro bowl in hawaii. in the first, texans defensive end j-j watt lines up at wide receiver, but charles tillman breaks it up in the endzone. julius peppers contributed with two sacks and a solo tackle. fellow d- lineman henry melton was shutout, but tim jennings had a team- high five tackles. the n-f-c wins 62-35. brandon marshall missed the game due to a hip injury. the fighting illini hosting second- ranked michigan. illinois down six late in the first, until brandon paul drains a three to cut the deficit in half. he scored a team- high 15.
12:44 pm
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of california-berkeley used e- e-g and m-r-i scans to record brain waves in young adults, and older people and tested their memory ability before and after sleep. they found poor sleep quality prevented memories of elderly people from being saved by the brain at night. the researchers will be conducting more study to determine if enhacing sleep quality will lead to improvements in the memory of older adults. women with small, early-stage breast cancers may have a better chance of survival if they opt for a lumpectomy plus radiation.. rather than a mastectomy. researchers at duke cancer institute followed more than 112 thousand women with stage one and two breast cancer. the women who were treated with a lumpectomy and radiation had a better survival rate for breast cancer. as well as other types of cancer. the biggest effect was among women older than 50 with hormone-sensitive breast cancers. the question of why women appear to do better with lumpectomy and radiation remains to be answered. >> making a combination of
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we are making a healthy indian dish. >> and i love when we can make healthy choices yet we do not have to sacrifice the flavor. we have taken in indian cuisine which is generally a lot of letters and creams. have
12:51 pm
eliminated all of that and created a very healthy choice. a lot of flavor and a lot of spice. under 500 cals. i know people at home are going to want to make this. it is based on rice,spices, vegetables and proteins. about 12-15 minutes to cook it. this is the wrong version. once we cook it it becomes nice. i think it tends to not have a lot of flavor. it tends to be very bland. today we are going to be doing some vegetables.
12:52 pm
>> let it heal up a little bit. whatever is fresh and whatever you like. we're going to start with some onions. >> some green beans broccoli, cauliflower. i have softened them up. all of these vegetables cook at different times.
12:53 pm
>> garlic and ginger. fresh green peas. very simple. keep putting vegetables together. we do not want to overcook them. we want them to have a little crunch. >> look how vibrant that looks.
12:54 pm
>>some cauliflower. >> will give that a minute. now it is starting to smell good. i'm going to put a tiny bit of water. >> i really does not seem like a dish that takes that long. >> very simple and very quick. >> it is time to put a little bit of sauce. it is also one of
12:55 pm
the most popular sauces and because jeanand the cuisine. i want to tell folks at home where the re staurant is. we'll have a link to their webh icph [ female
12:56 pm
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announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong all day long sinus and headache relief. on this day in 1956, elvis presley made his television debut on "tommy and jimmy dorsey's stage show". what song did he sing? a. shake rattle and roll b. heartbreak hotel. c. money honey the answer heartbreak hotel.
12:58 pm
>> cat these temperatures. 74 kansas city. warm air northbound. you concede the '60s downstate. a look at the upper left-hand corner. that is the cold air that plunges. it is going to be much colder later in the week. the wind will howl from the south. it could snow on wednesday. here is our model
12:59 pm
forecast. tomorrow the showers will come and go to mata picking up in the afternoon and evening. look at the lines of thunderstorms developing out to the west. pretty good showers and storms increase late tomorrow. tomorrow night he could see some powerful thunderstorm sweep the area. there is the southwest jet. wednesday could be interesting. we could have sticking snow. 63 tomorrow. another chance of snow saturday. we're going to be a lot colder.


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